Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Windows of Empire: Colonial Celebrations and Competing Visions of the Colonial World, 1492-2010

Windows of Empire:
Colonial Celebrations and Competing Visions of the Colonial World, 1492-2010
Call for submissions for Ex Plus Ultra, the Postgraduate e-journal of the WUN
International Network in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies
Imperial powers from London to Madrid hosted colonial exhibitions to showcase their territorial acquisitions. Frequently revelling in the exoticism, wealth and promise of these far-off lands, they also created far more intimate windows into empire, revealing not only the accomplishments but the insecurities, tensions and vulnerabilities of the colonial project. At the same time, celebrations such as Empire Day and royal jubilees were occasions for demonstrations of the interconnections between different colonies and the imperial metropole.
The editorial committee of Ex Plus Ultra welcomes submissions of articles from any discipline in the humanities, covering any colonial region, period and theme that correspond to the visions of empire to be found in “Colonial Celebrations.” Selected papers will be sent for strict peer review by established academics in the field. This third edition of Ex Plus Ultra will tie in with a conference on “Colonial Celebrations” to be held at the University of Bristol in September 2011.
Articles should be no longer than 6,000 words (including references), and should be submitted with an Ex Plus Ultra submission form to reach the editorial committee no later than 5pm GMT on 17 January, 2011. We have extended this deadline due to requests for a longer submission period and also in response to the changed publication date of the previous issue of the journal in Leeds. Interviews, comments, blogs and book and film reviews corresponding to the above theme will also be considered up until 14 February, 2011. All submissions must meet the required standards laid out in the journal’s publishing guidelines.
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