Friday, August 19, 2011

Call for Panelists: Creating a Medieval Studies Program (A Roundtable, Kalamazoo 2012)

The role of cross-departmental cooperation in the interdisciplinary world of Medieval Studies cannot be understated; the concept of “Medieval Studies” and the International Congress itself of course are predicated on such an understanding. IPFW Medieval Studies seeks to bring together a range of scholars from different types of schools to discuss the ways in which Medieval Studies programs are created, succeed, and possibly fail. Building on the success on last year’s panel, “Teaching Medieval Studies at Regional University,” we will be particularly interested in hearing from teachers at schools like our own which has been historically too “pragmatic” to offer an interdisciplinary degree in Medieval Studies. However, we will be interested in soliciting panelists and audience members from schools with established Medieval Studies programs as well those who are considering or in the process of creating new programs.
Particular topics for discussion might include:
• Requirements for a Medieval Studies degree
• The necessity of interdisciplinarity
• “Selling” the idea of Medieval Studies to administration
• The history of Medieval Studies programs
• Medieval Studies and community engagement
• Team-teaching Medieval Studies
Potential participants are encouraged to send a brief statement of interest and sketch of discussion topic (5-10 minutes) before September 15 to:
Damian Fleming
Assistant Professor
English and Linguistics, IPFW
Potential participants are reminded that you are able to participate in a roundtable *as well as* present a paper in another session.