Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peer-Reviewers & Readers Wanted for Medieval Postgraduate Journal

Hortulus is a refereed journal devoted to the literature and cultures of the medieval world. The journal is published electronically once a year, and its mission is to present a forum in which graduate students from around the globe may share their work.
Hortulus is entirely run by postgraduates and is genuinely international, which makes Hortulus a uniquely different journal than a large number of other medieval postgraduate journals run by a combination of faculty members and postgraduates of specific institutions. Additionally, as a born-digital journal, Hortulus is 100% eco-friendly and technologically relevant. It focuses on participating in the new and ever-changing digital environment that is rapidly becoming the crux of academic discourse and also allows Hortulus to remain extremely flexible in the resources it offers.
We rely on graduate student readers to evaluate articles that have been submitted for publication as well as have the opportunity to write and submit book reviews themselves. Readers are selected for each submission based upon their familiarity with the subject matter of the article and the number of evaluations they have already completed. Readers fill out an evaluation form for each article, but they are not responsible for the article revisions or the editing process.
If you would like to volunteer as a reader, e-mail the following information to hortulus@hortulus.net:
Areas of Research
Email Address
Would you like to be listed on the website? Yes / No
For more information about the journal, plaese visit our website which will be undergoing a major overhaul throughout the coming year: http://www.hortulus.net/