Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creating Chaucer/Creative Chaucer, due 6/1/11, Congress in Portland 7/23-26/12

This session invites artists and scholar-artists of any genre—literature, performance arts, or visual media—to submit works that in some way respond to or adapt Chaucer. Since this session intends to offer a multi-genre contemporary response to Chaucer, submissions may be in varying formats: print, audio, video, or “Powerpoint.” Submit whole works (up to three lyric poems, two short-shorts, five examples of flash fiction, etc.) or parts of longer works (a chapter from a novel for which a context is provided; a scene from a larger play with its context; an aria, also contextualized, etc.); or one reproduction of a visual work in any media; it is also understood that forms may be combined (mash-ups; graphic novel; prose poems, etc). This session seeks to show how Chaucer speaks to artists (and scholars as artists) now. It seeks to bring together a scholarly audience with practitioners of the arts to reveal some of the kinds of artistic productions Chaucer elicits. Thus, the session will be part reading, part exhibition, part performance offering living examples of the multiple languages through which Chaucer is seen, heard, re-constructed, and re-enacted.