Thursday, September 15, 2011

Renaissance Italy and the Idea of Spain: 12-14 Jan 2012

This conference explores the perception of Spain and the Habsburg monarchy in early modern Italy. Its aim is to demonstrate how groups of Italians from across the peninsula who came into contact with the imperial power of the Spanish crown imagined the wider Iberian culture brought amongst them by its servants and subjects. In particular, it will excavate the factors and circumstances that determined Italians’ responses to the Spanish presence, their intentions for the images they created, and the forums through which they articulated and projected them. The keynote speaker is Simon Ditchfield (University of York) and other speakers include Harald Braun (University of Liverpool), Nicholas Davidson (University of Oxford) and Robert Gaston (University of Melbourne). Bursaries, provided by the Royal Historical Society, are available for a number of Postgraduate Students. For further information please consult the website or contact the organisers directly:
Organisers and Contacts: Miles Pattenden, University of Oxford: and Piers Baker-Bates, Open University: