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OLD AND NEW WORLDS. International Congress of Early Modern Archaeology

Old and New Worlds.
International Congress of Early Modern Archaeology
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas | Universidade Nova de Lisboa | 6 -9 April 2011
Call for papers | 31 January 2011
The advent of the Early Modern Age triggered profound changes on the history of Europe. Urban development and increased commercial exchanges went hand in hand with the spread of new cultural ideas and paradigms and major changes in religious geography. All this occurred in a framework of political alterations that were often determined by wars, themselves determined/transformed by a technical revolution in military art. It was also the era of the discovery of new worlds, the first globalisation, with products moving at a previously unknown scale, in which the Iberian kingdoms played a pioneering role. In the American, African and Asian regions, linked by lengthy sea voyages that defied the imagination and the technique of those times, contacts with the local populations led to different types of political domination, economic exploitation and cultural exchange, sometimes radically altering the existing pattern of life. The aim of this congress is to bring together young and renowned archaeologists who have produced works based on academic or protective contexts, which are suitable for our discussions on the various themes concentrating on the period between the fifteenth and the eighteenth centuries, both in the European context and in colonised areas. The goal is not only to encourage the development of early modern archaeology but also to establish bridges between the archaeological communities spread throughout various parts of the world, namely those concentrating their research on the Iberian kingdoms and their world expansion.
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